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Yomee Automatic
Yogurt Maker

Fresh yogurt made easy.
Get a taste of it now.

Hassle Free

Simple 3-Step Process
Add milk and a Yomee pod
Just wait for 6 hours

Great Value

Greek, plain or stirred
Variety of flavors
Get the most probiotic in
1 spoon of fresh yogurt

Vegan Friendly

Perfect vegan yogurt made
From soy, almond and
coconut milk, 100%
lactose & gluten free.

Keeps Chilled

Automatic refrigeration &
double-walled Yomee cup
Make fresh and chilled
yogurt possible at home!

Features of Yomee

An elegant yet comprehensive device ensures you an enjoyable yogurt making journey!


Download Yomee App for recipe
Automatic firmware update
Control with phone or voice
Order flavors & toppings


Heat milk at 175°F (80°C)
Stir at 500-5,000 RPM
Cool yogurt at 50°F (10°C)
Precise tasting yogurt every time


Revolutionary zero waste pods
Natural & 100% soluble
Made with love in New Zealand
Variety of flavors


12oz (330ml) = 2 servings
Dried fruit flavors
Dried toppings

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How It Works

Yomee Yogurt Maker


With its Keurig-like design, just add milk and a Yomee pod to enjoy fresh, healthy yogurt.


Amazing Yomee Recipes

Yomee App

Get The Yomee App!

Personalize yogurt texture
Set the timer, hassle-free
Download yogurt recipes
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