Yogurt Made Easy

With its Keurig-like design, just add milk and a Yomee pod to enjoy fresh, healthy yogurt


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Easy to Use

1. Pour your favourite milk

Vegan or dairy, Yomee will turn any milk into delicious yogurt.

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2. Insert Yomee starter pod

Yomee starter pods completely dissolve in the milk - no plastic waste!

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3. Press the button

Greek, plain or stirred, you can make any kind of yogurt with Yomee.

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Revolutionary Zero Waste Pods

All natural. Fully soluble. Made with love in New Zealand

Craft Quality Yogurt at Home

Greek, Plain or Stirred

With the Yomee app, you are in total control. Chose your favourite type of yogurt or use the expert mode to create your own recipes.

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Sugar, Honey or Plain

Your craft quality yogurt for your taste, have it plain or add sugar or honey to make it sweet. You are in control!

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Drink & Meal Recipes

In the Yomee app you will find hundreds of recipes to make the best use of your yogurt.

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Delicious Yomee Recipes


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