Yomee Pod Technology

Yomee Yogurt Pods Make Real Fermented Food

Yomee pods stand apart from other pod-based devices as they are a catalyst for making real fermented foods similar to bread or beer. Any genuine fermented food with live active cultures takes time, but Yomee eliminates the guesswork and outside variables for consistently great, real yogurt every time.

We’ve heard from a few of you wondering why Yomee cannot produce yogurt instantly after adding the pod to the milk. Simply put, Yomee makes real yogurt, just like it’s always been made for hundreds of years. The Yomee pod is simply a cute, compact, shelf-stable and carefully designed way to spike milk with tons of helpful bacteria that once introduced to their new home, get to work transforming milk into yogurt. And like anything worthwhile in life, good things require a little bit of work and often, time.

Our yogurt culture partners in New Zealand have been working tirelessly to perfect the pod design: a pod that safely harbours the dormant yogurt cultures, is the best functioning shape, and that just the right consistency to dissolve easily into milk but sturdy enough to survive shipping. It’s been an interesting journey!

And foremost, our New Zealand ministers of yogurt culture love to make yogurt. There’s a lot of testing, tasting, measuring, mixing, and tasting. But sometimes there’s fun too, like chocolate yogurt!

It’s important for us to remind everyone that fermented foods, yogurt, in particular, take time. Imagine you have been tasked by a friend to prepare dinner tonight. The good news is that it’s something you love making, and you are also really good at making. So good that some may say you were born to cook this meal. It’s a meal that wholesome, satisfying, and always prepared with the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

Also, your friend offers to do all the grocery shopping for you and will show up at your door with the groceries. Even better, your friend has measured out each and every ingredient, chopped everything that needs chopping, and will even pre-heat the oven for you and lay out the dinner table with perfectly sized plates.

But, your friend demands dinner finished, hot, and on the table, ready to eat in 2 minutes.

Sounds a little unrealistic? In 2 minutes it’s realistic to order takeout, or perhaps in 5 minutes you could microwave something and use a jar of sauce or a packet of seasoning mix to liven it up into a reasonable, but a fairly artificial meal. It wouldn’t be the thoughtful, fresh ingredient made meal you’ve spent your life perfecting.

If you’ve ever brewed beer, or made bread (even with a bread machine, that counts too!), or prepared a well-planned meal with fresh quality ingredients, you know it takes time. But the end results of a meal made with care are worth it. Yomee yogurt bacteria feel pretty much the same way about making yogurt; we speak fluent Lactobacillus and listen to our tiny culturing friends, so we know what they care about.

Yomee helps you make real food, like your friend in the previous dinner example, but with a very real idea of the time needed to get it right. We are here to measure everything out and take out all the other guesswork out of homemade cultured foods. We even provide the ideal preparation vessel that also doubles as a really cool way to serve, eat, and store your yogurt (the Yomee cup!).

And of course, our smart design keeps track of the process and knows exactly when your yogurt is not only done fermenting but is chilled to perfection and ready to eat.

Yomee does all the hard work of making real yogurt. Yomee wants to do that work when you’re sleeping, or at work, or spending the day having fun doing anything except thinking about yogurt. All you have to do is pour some milk, drop a pod, and six hours later honest, real, cool, fresh yogurt is all yours!

A Converstaion with Heather, Our Yogurrt Culture Wizard