Yomee Process

Zero Waste Pods

We take environmental responsibility seriously. That’s why unlike other pod-based appliances, our revolutionary pods are 100% natural and completely soluble (meaning that once used—poof!—the pod is gone for good). Zero waste for a healthier planet.

Made by our partners in New Zealand, our patented Yomee pods use only the highest-quality live cultures. Each pod is good for 6 months, and each creates 10 oz (2 servings) of yogurt at a time.

Out of pods? Order more directly from the Yomee app. Talk about convenient! In future, it will only cost $9.90 for 10 pods (20 servings) or join a subscription to pay even less.

The Yomee Process

A short 6 hours is all the time Yomee needs to create fresh homemade yogurt. While you sleep, work, or play, in those 6 hours Yomee works to transform regular milk into extraordinary yogurt.

For the curious minds out there, here’s what’s going on behind the scenes: Yomee first boils and stirs the milk for 15 minutes. Next, Yomee cools the milk back down to 115°F (or 46°C—the ideal temperature for live yogurt cultures to thrive). And into this culture-friendly environment, Yomee drops a culture-filled Yomee pod. Some more stirring. Now begins our favorite part: Yomee incubates the milk at a steady temperature for 6 hours, during which the live cultures transform milk into yogurt.

Once the magic is done, Yomee will perfectly chill your yogurt to a cool 50°F (10°C), slowing down the culturing process while developing the delicate flavors that we love fresh yogurt for.

Though your yogurt is ready to eat in just 6 hours, it can happily remain chilled for up to 48 hours.

And what about that pod? No need to throw it out—being soluble, it completely dissolved within the first 10 minutes of the process.


The Complete Package

The Yomee yogurt-making kit consists of an automated mixing stand, a dishwasher-safe BPA-free yogurt cup, and a lid that can hold up to 2 toppings separately.