Homemade Yogurt Made Easily

01. Pour in Your Favorite Milk

Add any choice of your milk, ranging from dairy (skim, 2%, whole) to vegan milk like soy, almond and coconut.

02. Drop in a Yomee Pod

Yomee pods completely dissolve in the milk – that’s when the magic happens!

03. Select your Yogurt Type

Greek, plain or stirred, you can make any kind of yogurt with Yomee, just one click away with Yomee App!

A short 6 hours later, enjoy perfect yogurt: fresh, chilled, and ready to eat (now or later)! And since each pod makes 2 servings, share your yogurt or enjoy it throughout the day.

Make yogurt at home just by
pushing a button

Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere

Sky’s the limit when it comes to the different ways people around the world enjoy eating yogurt: ideal for breakfast, as a midday snack, inside your dinner salad dressing—let your imagination run wild!

However you eat yours, our Yomee double-wall insulated cup will keep your yogurt fresh and make eating on the go fun. Better yet, our cup comes with an innovative travel lid—letting you store your favorite toppings separate until you’re ready to mix and eat.

Something for Everyone

Are you vegan? Lactose intolerant? Love yogurt, but don’t love dairy?

No problem for Yomee. Make 100% dairy-free yogurt: Just use our non-dairy pods together with non-dairy milks—like almond, coconut, soy, or rice milk. A healthy alternative that’s just as good!

Endless Inspiration

Yogurt is limitless—having as many health benefits as it has preparation styles. Eat it raw, drink it in smoothies, use it to make açaí bowls… Our team has already created hundreds of recipes for the Yomee app, so that you’ll never run out of creative food ideas.

Our free Yomee app will be iOS and Android compatible. Besides offering countless yogurt-based recipes, the app lets you select what yogurt style you want your Yomee to make: a thick Greek-style yogurt, a traditional plain yogurt, or a smoothie-style stirred yogurt. Plus, our app keeps you well informed about every stage of the yogurt-making process, alerting you when the yogurt is heating, cooling, incubating, and ready to eat!

You’re in Control

Yomee lets you control ingredients, sweetness, and fat content. From the type of milk you use, to how sweet you want your creation to be, to what fruits (if any!) you want to see swimming inside—the choice is finally yours.

And by using our app’s extensive library of original recipes, you’ll get accurate nutritional information for each yogurt dish you make.

Tracking calories? Share the details about what you just ate with your Apple Health app or Google Fit directly from the Yomee app.