Evolution of Yomee

From Inspiration to Launch

The inspiration for Yomee came in early 2016, while Ashok Jaiswal, our co-founder and CEO, was sipping on a mango lassi at a friend’s dinner party. Having asked if the lassi was made with homemade yogurt, Ashok was surprised to find people wondering if making yogurt at home was even possible. Determined to find this out for himself, Ashok delved into the art and science of yogurt-making—and soon he was outputting so much of the stuff that he had to start sharing his yogurt with family, friends, and colleagues.

Relying on standard at-home yogurt incubators, Ashok quickly became frustrated with how difficult it was to make consistent and reliable yogurt. Many sketches later—and having successfully transformed a common hot plate to both stir and heat milk—the first working concept of Yomee was born.


The initial design for Yomee began in 2016, with the first functioning prototype refined with Yomee graduating the spring 2017 Food-X accelerator program. The Yomee Team is now sprinting hard towards production and shipping later year.

Yomee Product Timeline


July 8 2018

Pre-production Prototype Ready

August 25 2017

Working Prototype Ready

November 4 2016

Industrial Design Finalized