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Can I use Yomee to make homemade vegan yogurt?

Yes! To make vegan yogurt with soy milk, almond milk or coconut milk, you will need vegan Yomee pods. Yomee vegan yogurt pods are dairy free, contain no animal products, and carry vegan yogurt cultures.

Yomee vegan pods are formulated for soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk, and will be ready for spring 2019 first shipments of Yomee rewards.

How much yogurt does one pod and the Yomee cup make?

One Yomee pod and having milk filling the cup to the fill line will produce 10 ounces of fresh yogurt, equal to two standard (5 ounce) single serving containers of store bought yogurt.

Are the Pods gluten free?

Yes, both dairy yogurt pods and vegan yogurt pods are gluten free.

How do I reorder Yomee pods?

Use the free Yomee App to reorder your desired quantity and flavors of pods. You can also order more pods and flavors (along with getting free recipes and news) through our website, together with signing up for monthly subscriptions for pods.

Can I use Yomee to make kefir or other fermented foods?

We have not yet tested Yomee or the Yomee pods to make kefir or other fermented foods besides yogurt, but we are working on these for a future release and software updates.

Are Yomee pods Kosher, Halal, Organic, non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free and Allergen Free?

At this time all Yomee pods are Gluten Free, non-GMO, and vegan pods are of course, vegan.

Of commonly listed allergens, dairy Yomee pods for making dairy yogurt contain milk and thereof naturally contain lactose.

We are working right now to make the pods certified organic. We will also make sure our pods are kosher and halal for the first shipments of rewards in April.

Can Yomee make Kefir and Skyr?

Currently not, but it will just require a software update (not product version update), as making kefir and skyr is a similar enough process as making yogurt. So we see this as a very possible extension of the Yomee features. Currently the Yomee software supports plain, Greek and stirred yogurt types.

What are in the ingredients in the Yomee pods?

Yomee pods are proprietary base of rice starch, live active yogurt cultures, and in the instance of flavored pods, a few additional flavorings. We are continuing to perfect our pods and strive to keep our ingredients all natural and free of known allergens.

What flavors do the Yomee pods come in?

At this time Yomee pods are plain and unflavored. We are developing flavored pods in strawberry, blueberry and vanilla flavors. Want to see more flavors? Contact us through our website We want to hear from you and offer the yogurt flavors you love the most!

How much power does Yomee use?

Yomee operates on 50 watts.

Does Yomee work with other yogurt cultures?

At this time, Yomee is designed to work with Yomee pods to make yogurt. The unique heating, cooling, chilling, and stirring action of Yomee requires uncultured milk and Yomee pods to create consistent yogurt results.

How does Yomee make yogurt?

Yomee has been designed to take the guesswork out of making homemade yogurt. Yomee is designed to create three popular styles of yogurt. Use the free Yomee app to select Plain (a smooth and creamy style), Stirred (a lighter, pourable style), or Greek (a thick, richly dense style), or just press the Yomee button on the base to start Plain yogurt right away. First, Yomee stirs and heats the milk to 185°F remove harmful bacteria. Then Yomee cools the milk down to a comfortable 115°F degrees, the ideal temperature for yogurt bacteria to get to work turning milk into yogurt. Only then Yomee drops a Yomee pod into the milk, stirs and dissolves the pod, and after 6 hours of incubation, Yomee turns down the heat to a chill 50°F . In about 20-30 minutes, the your yogurt is fully chilled and ready to enjoy!

How does a Yomee pod work?

Can I use any brand of dairy milk or any brand of vegan milk?

For dairy yogurt, you can use any brand of dairy milk available to you and either skim, 2%, or whole. For best results we recommend using only pasteurized, homogenized milk.

For soy yogurt, almond and coconut milk yogurt, we recommend using plain (unflavored) brands with a minimal amount of stabilizers and additives. Currently we use shelf-stable vegan milks (tetrapak) varieties in our pod tests and
are doing further testing with refrigerated soy, almond and coconut milk brands.

When do I add my fruits, nuts, or granola toppings?

After the yogurt is made and you are ready to eat it.

Can Yomee make “blended” style flavored yogurt?

Yes! By using a flavored Yomee pod, you can create flavored yogurt right from the start. In addition to Plain (unflavored) pods, we are developing pre-flavored pods in popular flavors such as Strawberry, Blueberry, Vanilla, and a plain flavor with extra probiotics. Both dairy and vegan pods will be available in plain and these flavored varieties.

Is there another flavor of yogurt you want your Yomee to make? Drop us a note a! We want to make the pods in flavors YOU love!

How long can I keep the pods for?

Yomee pods should be consumed within 6 months.

How should the pods be stored?

Please store pods in a cool, dark, dry place. Pods are shelf-stable and do not need to be refrigerated.

Do I need to take a monthly subscription to buy pods?

No, you buy packages of 5 pods for $5 through our website

Can I use the Yomee pod without a Yomee?

The patented design of the pods and our yogurt culture formulas are designed to work with your Yomee for delicious, convenient yogurt every time. While the pods contain live cultures, without the heating, cooling, chilling, and unique stirring action of Yomee you will not receive the same consistent results.

Can I use only half of a Yomee pod ?

Can I use my own yogurt culture with Yomee?

Can Yomee make foods other than yogurt?

Can I get extra cups for my Yomee?

What material is the cup made with?

How does Yomee differ from yogurt makers that exist in the market?

Will Yomee come with regional plugs (European, UK, US), depending on where it’s being delivered to?

Will I be charged customs tax when the Yomee is shipped to me?

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