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Skinny Berry Detox Smoothie

Jumpstart your day with this smoothie!

Just like the other smoothie recipes, this particular recipe can also be taken as breakfast. As you see, taking a smoothie for breakfast can potentially jolt up your energy for the rest of the day! Even if you have tons of work to do or tasks to accomplish, drinking this during the start of your day will leave you energized until you finish everything!

Aside from giving you tons of energy, it also boosts your immune system and cleanses your body from harmful toxins. Not only that but it also aids in weight loss and induces sleep better.

Are you now ready to have more energy?

Yogurt in the recipe was made through Yomee.


½ cup frozen berries

1 cup almond milk

½ cup kale

¼ cup Greek yogurt

½ Tbsp honey

½ tsp cocoa powder

1 Tbsp flaxseed


  • Combine all ingredients in the beaker.
  • Blend everything until smooth.
  • Best served if chilled.

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