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Mango Lassi

Preparation time: 10mins           Yield: 2 cups          Level: Easy

Mango Lassi is a crowd favorite drink back in India. Generally speaking, lassis come in various flavors. Some could be actually sweet, like this mango lassi. Others could be minty or fruity.

First thing’s first, remember to create your own yogurt through Yomee.

Briefly, a mango lassi is a yogurt-based mango smoothie or milkshake. To rejuvenate yourself from the intense heat of the sun these days is through rehydrating through this delicious mango lassi! A sip of this delicious lassi will take you places that would refresh you in every aspect of your life.

Don’t forget to sprinkle a dash of ground cardamom on top!


  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup chopped very ripe mango (see how to peel and chop mango)
  • 4 teaspoons honey or sugar, more or less to taste
  • A dash of ground cardamom (optional)
  • Ice (optional)


  • Put mango, yogurt, milk, sugar, and cardamom in a blender and blend for 2 minutes.
  • If you want a more milkshake consistency and it's a hot day, either blend in some ice as well or serves over ice cubes.
  • Sprinkle with a tiny pinch of ground cardamom to serve.
  • The lassi can be kept refrigerated for up to 24 hours.


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