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8 Nutritious Foods You Should Be Eating To Get That Hot Summer Bod

Photo Credit: The Odeyssey

Want to achieve that hot sleek summer bod?  

Contrary to popular belief, having a healthy and athletic body is more about diet and lifestyle than it is about your workout routine.  Not saying working out is not important, but it is merely a piece of the puzzle.  As much as we would like to tell ourselves that we went to the gym to lift weights and do cardio so eating pizza and cake is ok, getting that flat tummy and sculpted body is more about what you do in the kitchen.  

Picking foods packed with vitamins and nutrients is critical in fueling your body to operate at maximum productivity while also feeling high energy and great.  To help you achieve your summer goals, we came up with our top 8 food choices to include in your diet to help you supplement and enhance your nutrition.  

 Get that hot summer body by including our 8 favorite foods in your diet below: 

    1. Fresh yogurt - Having your own homemade fresh yogurt packs a real punch with it being rich in vitamins and protein.  With the food trend of fresh and homemade being healthier for you, Yomee can help you easily prepare your own yogurt with a touch of a button, allowing you to customize the yogurt to your own taste.  By adding fruits and honey for an extra bit of sweetness and flavor, this fresh healthy snack can even be eaten on-the-go or after a workout.  Popular yogurt styles like Greek yogurt are extra thick and creamy, filling you up without feeling uncomfortable before you go hit the beach with your friends.
    2. Quinoa- This plant-based superfood is high in protein, vitamins, gluten-free, and has all nine essential amino acids for rebuilding muscles. Native to South America, quinoa can be used as a substitute to rice, bread, or pasta.
    3. Chia seeds- Another South American native superfood, chia seeds can be added to your smoothies or salads as they also are rich in vitamins that can boost your energy levels while reducing cholesterol and risk for type 2 diabetes. Also chia seeds can help you lose weight with its high fiber content by slowing down the absorption of food and regulate your digestive system.  
    4. Kale- This popular leafy green has 5g of fiber, 26 calories, and 0g of fat.  Kale is very high in iron and has more calcium than milk which is great news for those who are lactose intolerant. Its fiber content can also cleanse and  improve digestive system. Often times people add kale to their salads or smoothie blend for detoxing and to take advantage of this very healthy vegetable.  
    5. Spinach- We all know spinach is highly rich in iron but did you know it’s also great for your hair and skin growth?  Spinach has vitamin A that helps keep your hair moisturized and important for the growth of your skin.  Enhance your summer look with glowing healthy skin and luscious hair just by added this leafy green to your diet.
    6. Eggs- One egg has about 6g of protein with only 72 calories. This is a great supplement to eat post workout to re-energize your body. Boil a few to take with you as a snack if you don’t have time to scramble or fry them up in the mornings.  If you want to cut the calories down even more, you could even do a 1:1: ratio of whole eggs to egg whites when you make that omelet of yours!
    7. Oatmeal- To stay feeling full longer, this gluten free food helps curb your appetite and keeps you from snacking on unnecessary sweets because it takes longer to digest.  Snacking on unhealthy non-nutritious foods is what we want to minimize or avoid when trying to achieve that hot beach body.
    8. Water - We can never stress enough how important it is to be properly hydrated throughout the day.  Not only does it help flush all the bad toxins from your body, water helps keep your skin moisturized and looking fresh.  Feeling full on water can also prevent you from snacking during the day so be sure to get your daily recommended dose of water.  Amount will vary depending on activity level, especially if you are outside in the hot sun all day.

These great foods can help you achieve that hot summer body but will not replace a well-balanced and nutritious diet along with exercise.  They all work hand-in-hand so make sure you balance your lifestyle to optimize your energy and health so you can fully enjoy your summer!

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